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Why You Should Attend the 2015 Forum

From start to finish, the Women Advisors Forum is the place for women in the advisory business to gather cutting-edge, valuable insights on how to take their practice to the next level and network with an elite group of senior level financial planners. 

With outstanding experts, dynamic speakers and top producers, these forums are at the forefront of the advisory industry. Topics on this year’s agenda are sure to include:

The threat, or opportunity, presented by robo tools, and how to use them to your advantage
Generational Relations—dealing with retiring Boomers and their Millennial offspring
Marketing and PR techniques that help your practice stand out
Finding and striking a fair work/life balance
How to build a network of powerful professionals to help expand your influence and grow your practice

Who You'll Meet

The Forum audience consists of RIAs, Independent Advisors, as well as Wirehouse and Bank Advisors.  Here is an overview of the audience from recent Forums.

“I've attended in the past and learned a lot, so I wanted to attend again -- a chance to network. Plus, I was excited to see Sally Krawcheck.”

“I'm a CPA and want to change was looking for education and information.”

“To hear the issues and support the 'movement' of women in our industry. I am a man - and I hold the view that women are the future to quality advice! I wanted to see and hear the issues.”

“Education, updating, finding out what's happening out there as I have been an independent advisor with a major institution, duking it out on my own.”

“I have enjoyed the high quality of the event and it has been worth my time to attend.”

“I had a wonderful time and appreciate the opportunity to dialogue with women in the financial planning field.”